Water Plans

2021 Region C Water Plan
2022 State Water Plan

Water Planning Data

Regional Water Planning Data (from TWDB)
Planning Data Dashboard (from TWDB)
Population and Water Demand Projections (from TWDB)
Socio-Economic Analysis (from TWDB)
Maps and GIS Data (from TWDB)
Texas Natural Resources Information System
Texas Drought Monitor
Water Data for Texas

Water Conservation

Save Texas Water
Water Conservation (TWDB)
Water Conservation Advisory Council
WaterMyYard (Texas A&M AgriLife Extension)
Water Is Awesome (TRWD, DWU and NTMWD)
Save Tarrant Water (TRWD)
Save Dallas Water (DWU)
Save Fort Worth Water (City of Fort Worth)
Save North Texas Water

Major Wholesale Water Providers in Region C

City of Fort Worth
Dallas Water Utilities
North Texas Municipal Water District
Tarrant Regional Water District
Trinity River Authority
Upper Trinity Regional Water District