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Final 2016 Region C Water Plan

2016 Initially Prepared Plan

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Welcome to the Region C Web Site

Final 2011 Region C Water Plan

2012 State Water Plan

Electronic versions of WATER CONSERVATION AND DROUGHT CONTINGENCY PLANS may be submitted to Kevin Ward and Amy Kaarlela (wardk@trinityra.org; adk@freese.com).

The Region C Regional Water Planning Group is tasked with developing a regional water plan and implementing that plan in accordance with State law. This web site is intended to be a source of information to the public, the press and to the Texas Water Development Board. Please browse through the links on this site to find out more about regional water planning efforts in Region C.

THE FIFTH CYCLE OF REGIONAL WATER PLANNING HAS BEGUN. Check the calendar (blue bar along the top of this webpage) for meeting dates.

DRAFT population, municipal demand, and mining demand projections from the Texas Water Development Board are now available. Click
here to view the projections.


The Fourth Cycle of Regional Water Planning has concluded. The Final 2016 Region C Water Plan is available at the link above (See button at the top of this home page to view the report.) Digital copies of this plan are also publicly available in at least one public library in each county within Region C (click Here for a list of those locations). If you would like a CD copy of the 2016 Region C Water Plan, please email Amy Kaarlela at adk@freese.com. CD's are available at no charge. Paper copies can be ordered. For pricing of paper copies, please contact Amy Kaarlela at adk@freese.com.

The December 2015 Region C newsletter is now available.





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