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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Region C Water Planning Group?

Where is Region C?

What are the Region C Water Planning Group’s powers?

What is the Planning Group doing during this third five-year planning cycle?

What are some of the water planning accomplishments achieved since Regional Water Planning began in 1997?

When was the current Region C Water Plan adopted, and what types of strategies are included in the plan?

Why is Regional Water Planning important for North Central Texas?

Why are we planning for a surplus water supply?

Is Region C planning for enough conservation and reuse?  Could we rely simply on conservation and reuse, and avoid having to build new reservoirs in the future?

How are conservation and reuse accounted for in Region C's water demand figures?

What is the difference between direct and indirect reuse of water, and what are their potential applications and implications?

Where will Region C’s future water supply come from?

Why does the Region C Water Plan include the Marvin Nichols Reservoir?

Why is Lake Fastrill part of the Region C Water Plan?  What about the pending lawsuit?

Why is Lake Ralph Hall part of the Region C Water Plan, and what is its status?

Why is the Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir part of the Region C Water Plan, and what is its status?

What is the status of attempting to get water from Oklahoma?

Is Region C counting on getting water from Oklahoma in its current plan?

Why is Region C trying to buy Oklahoma’s water?

Why aren’t other potentially feasible strategies included as recommended strategies within the Region C Water Plan?

Why do some entities within Region C appear to have such high water consumption figures?

Are we currently in a drought?  How does this impact Regional Water Planning?

How can I get more information for my Chamber, civic group, business group or other interested citizens?


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